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John Michael Sefel


Headshot of Dr. DeAnna Toten Beard

Dr. DeAnna Toten Beard

Baylor University Theatre

 [John Michael] rolls up his sleeves
and digs into the messy joy of work, and he shares that enthusiasm with all his colleagues. His rehearsals are places of discovery and invention... 
He directs both from his head and his gut, creating work that is thoughtful while also being visually and kinesthetically exciting.

Eric McClellan, Jr.
former student
Baylor University

Mr. Sefel was an outstanding teacher and my favorite so far to have in my Baylor Career. Every day Mr. Sefel came to class engaging and enthusiastic which brought about a positive atmosphere to the class, I would highly recommend any student debating on which Theater teacher to pick for next semester to choose Mr. Sefel 110%! You won't be sorry.

Dr. Beau Benson
Principle Conductor,
Central Texas Opera Festival

[John Michael] is a gifted leader and extremely pleasant to work with. I have now twice seen him elevate of cast of students and professionals to a high level of performance through a process enjoyed by all. My experiences with him have been among the most pleasant and productive I have ever had with a stage director.


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